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Your Trusted B2B Supplier of Frozen Seafood


Head-On Shell-On Shrimp


Head-On Shell-Less Shrimp


peeled Undeveined/Deveined Tail-On Shrimp


Peeled Undeveined/Deveined Tail-Less Shrimp

Our OEM service

Empower Your Brand with Custom OEM Seafood Solutions

At HeeSeaLife, we focus on custom solutions that drive your brand's success. Our OEM service includes understanding and fulfilling your specific product and branding needs. We provide customization from size to packaging, ensuring consistent brand representation. Benefit from our top quality production facilities and reliable delivery. We also offer after-sales support for continual business assistance. Partner with us for a seamless OEM experience designed for your advantage.

Team dedicated to your packaging needs
Quality seafood Crafted on our line
Our partners

Tailored Partnerships for Unique Benefits

Brand Owners

Partner with us for a steady supply of exceptional seafood that enhances your brand's identity. Let our advanced techniques and dedication to quality help your brand shine in a competitive market. With us, your brand's trustworthiness is upheld.

Manufacturers & Suppliers

Leverage our consistent high-quality seafood to optimize your production process. Our reliable supplies and EU standard adherence streamline your operations and minimize supply chain disruptions. We are your partner in delivering excellence.


Satisfy your high-volume needs with our consistently superior seafood. Our competitive pricing and strict quality checks empower you to supply confidently, boosting your marketplace reputation. With HeeSeaLife, your high demand meets high standards.

At HeeSeaLife, your trust is our priority.

Preserving Partnership Privacy

Our clientele includes esteemed seafood manufacturers, major brands, and wholesale distributors globally. While we are proud of each partnership, we uphold strict confidentiality to protect your business interests.

No Public Display of Client Logos

We honor your trust and the competitive edge you gain by working with us. Hence, we don't display specific client logos, showcasing our commitment to your business confidentiality.

Join The HeeSeaLife Family

Let's Craft Success Together-At HeeSeaLife, we're more than a B2B seafood supplier. We're a partner in your success, prioritizing quality, trust, and innovation to meet your unique needs. We respect your privacy and are committed to nurturing long-lasting relationships.

Your Partnership Benefits

Benefit from our stringent European production standards, customized services, and competitive pricing. We're ready to tackle your challenges and exceed your expectations.

We Value You

We understand the essence of mutual growth. By joining HeeSeaLife, you're not just partnering with a supplier; you're joining a family that values your success as much as its own.

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Why Choose Us?

At HeeSeaLife, we're not just a supplier; we're a trusted partner committed to delivering quality, innovation, and personalized services. From our farm to your destination, we ensure excellence every step of the way. Choose us, where we treat your business as our own and your success as our ultimate achievement.

Cultivating Excellence

At our high-tech, self-owned breeding farms, you'll source seafood that's meticulously nurtured, ensuring a superior, consistent quality to meet your demand.

Implementing Quality

Our EU standard factory guarantees you not just high-quality products, but a peace of mind knowing that hygiene and consistency are top priorities in our production process.

Ensuring Safety

Our stringent laboratory testing guarantees safety and premium quality, building your business's credibility with products that consistently meet high international standards.

Packaging Solutions

Benefit from our OEM packaging solutions, customized for your unique needs. Our focus on quality, hygiene, and aesthetics ensures your products reach your market in optimal condition, enhancing your brand image.


Our meticulous management of export and trade documentation ensures a smooth process, saving you time and stress. With our experienced handling of international trade procedures, we guarantee transparency and compliance.

Optimizing Deliveries

Experience hassle-free logistics managed by us, from our farms and factory to your location. Leveraging our vast experience in international export logistics, we promise efficient, reliable, and timely deliveries, improving your business's operational efficiency.
Our Partners Speak

What they say

Real Reviews, Real Results-Read testimonials from our valued partners, shared with respect for their privacy and confidentiality, demonstrating the quality and reliability of our seafood products and services

“HeeSeaLife has been our trusted seafood supplier for years. Their OEM services have helped us meet the specific demands of our customers. Their frozen shrimp products are consistently of the high standard, and their timely deliveries have ensured smooth operations for our business. Recommend HeeSeaLife to anyone seeking reliable seafood products.”

Customer Ahm**

Seafood Manufacturer-

“As a major brand in the seafood industry, we rely on suppliers who can consistently deliver high-quality products. HeeSeaLife has exceeded our expectations with their frozen shrimp offerings. Their attention to detail in every step of the production process is remarkable, ensuring that we receive products that meet our standards. Their professionalism and reliability make them an ideal partner for any brand seeking exceptional seafood products.”

Customer Ben**

Major Brand-

“As a procurement manager, my priority is to source products from trustworthy suppliers who consistently deliver on their promises. HeeSeaLife has been my go-to supplier for frozen shrimp products. Their dedication to quality control, from their in-house breeding farm to the EU-standard factory, ensures that I receive products that meet the standards. Their personalized services and attention to detail have made them my trusted partner in the seafood industry.”

Customer Won**

Procurement Manager-

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