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Delivering the Sea's Bounty

Welcome to HeeSeaLife, your dedicated partner for premium frozen shrimp products. Specializing in both farm-raised and sea-caught shrimp, we have positioned ourselves as a leading provider, offering an array of shrimp solutions to wholesalers, brands, and manufacturers worldwide. Our firm belief in quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction propels us towards creating the best in the industry.

Our Strengths

End-to-End Control

On nearly 2000 acres of high-water, high-density, pollution-free shrimp farms, and with a fleet of over 50 fishing vessels, we oversee every step of the supply chain. This control guarantees top-quality shrimp from our farms to your facilities.

Advanced Facilities

Our production is powered by an expansive factory spread over 36,600 square meters. With a daily output of 100 tons and a cold storage capacity of 5000 tons, we are ready to meet your diverse demands.

Quality and Safety

We adhere to the highest hygiene and safety standards, following National, FDA, and EU guidelines. A high-standard biochemistry lab performs stringent testing, ensuring product safety and premium quality.

Skilled Team

Our greatest strength lies in our team, with its professional knowledge, business capabilities, and extensive management experience. We are committed to delivering nothing but excellence.

Range of Products

Our specialization is shrimp, whether farmed or sea-caught. We offer an array of shrimp products to meet your specific requirements.

Certifications and Acknowledgments

Recognized and registered by national and international bodies, we hold an Export Food Production Enterprise Record Certificate and EU Seafood Registration, validating our commitment to meet and exceed industry standards.

Our story

Get to Know HeeSeaLife

Born from a passion for seafood, HeeSeaLife started with a clear vision: to provide businesses worldwide with unparalleled access to the finest shrimp. Our journey is one of innovation, commitment, and resilience. Today, we are more than just a seafood provider; we are a symbol of quality and trust in the shrimp industry.


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