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Whole Round Mullet from HeeSeaLife ensures an extraordinary seafood experience for your customers. Responsibly and sustainably sourced, whether farm-raised or wild-caught from the open seas, these fish meet the highest standards of quality and taste. Perfectly suited for various culinary applications, our mullet, available as individually quick-frozen whole fish, enables you to serve memorable seafood dishes that will surely impress your customers. With HeeSeaLife, you can always rely on customized solutions, a steady supply, advanced cold chain logistics, and unparalleled customer support.

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1000/1200g, 600/800g, 800/1000g




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All the year round

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Product Title: Whole Round Mullet – Available in Wild-Caught & Farmed 

At HeeSeaLife, we prioritize providing top-tier seafood solutions tailored to the distinct needs of various businesses. Our Whole Round Mullet, individually quick-frozen and available in both wild-caught and farmed , is a perfect choice for restaurants, caterers, and retailers who aim to offer high-quality seafood to their customers.


Product Range

Our product portfolio includes both wild-caught and farmed variants of Whole Round Mullet, providing your business with the flexibility to cater to an array of customer preferences. The versatility of this species allows it to be the centerpiece of a wide variety of dishes.


Sourcing & Quality Control

Our mullet is sourced from both wild habitats and sustainable farms, ensuring a product that is as natural and fresh as possible. Rigorous quality control measures are enforced from catch or harvest to delivery, ensuring that the fish delivered to you meet high standards and can satisfy the demands of your discerning customers.


Sustainable Practices

We are firmly committed to the health of our oceans and the quality of our products. For our farmed mullet, we adhere to sustainable aquaculture practices. Meanwhile, our wild-caught mullet is responsibly sourced, ensuring we contribute positively to the preservation of marine biodiversity.


Customization & Support

Understanding the unique nature of each business, we offer various customization options to suit your specific requirements, whether you need particular packaging or quantities. Our team stands ready to assist and also provide ongoing support and updates on product availability and market trends, keeping your business informed and competitive.


Cold Chain Logistics

We harness advanced cold chain logistics from the moment of catch or harvest, ensuring temperature-controlled preservation from the water to our processing facility. With a robust cold storage capacity of 5000 tons, we secure optimal temperature before shipping. Our shipments are transported in refrigerated containers set at -20°C, safeguarding freshness and quality to your destination.


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